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Privacy Policy


We value your privacy and will endeavour to ensure our policies and practices reflect our commitment to safeguarding your personal data, in line with the Hong Kong Ordinance Law (Cap. 486) and under no circumstances (except in exceptional cases where it is legally required by the Hong Kong Government) will your data be shared or transferred outside of our database.

By agreeing to our privacy policy, you are agreeing that you would like to receive emails and promotional content from us.

You also agree to sharing your personal information with us to help us fullfil your requirements in the best way possible.


Once data is collected, we will retain the data securely with us and use it only for the reasons as mentioned above, unless you inform us in writing you want your data erased from our system. We collect information when you access our website through cookies to track the activity on our sites and use it for google analytics to enhance and improve our service offering and user experience.

We reserve the right to update or amend the policy as the company deems fit, based on changing business needs and we will notify this on our website for users to be aware of.


For any questions or more information, please contact

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