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Our support for the
Royal British Legion

The Royal British Legion is the UK's leading Armed Forces charity and one of its largest membership organisations. Members get together through the network of branches and clubs all over the country and overseas to participate in social, fundraising and welfare activities.

Charter Junks HK have undertaken to honour all those men and women who have given their lives to the service of their countries.

​No matter where they served, veterans are honourable people who have faced the ultimate sacrifice to defend the rights and freedom of their nations.

Charter Junks HK is donating a percentage of every booking fee that is arranged by any EX-Service Man or Woman from any nation to the Royal British Legion (RBL) of Hong Kong and China.


The charitable donations will go towards cruises for Hong Kong Locally Enlisted Personell, many of whom live in reduced circumstances. Some donations will also go towards boys and girls from underprivileged families who attend a yearly RBL sponsored camp in the Stanley Sea School.

On behalf of the Committee of the RBL this very generous arrangement is gratefully accepted.

Signed by :

Mr. John Miers (for Royal British Legion)

Mr. Steven Tait (for Charter Junks HK) 

Aggreement Letter between the Royal British Legion and Charter Junks HK

Naming Ceremony
of our Vessel Poppy

This boat is named for the centenary of the British Legion.  


This charity is particularly close to my heart as it was founded by my great, great uncle Field Marshal Haig in the aftermath of the First World War. 

 In 1921 Earl Haig noticed some French widows selling silk poppies, inspired by the iconic poem “In Flanders Fields”, to raise funds for disabled ex-Servicemen.

 The poppy, which is central to the poem, was one of the few plants that survived in the churned up battlefields of Flanders, growing by the thousands amidst chaos and destruction.

 Haig recognised the potential of these poppies to become both a symbol of Remembrance and also as a means to support the welfare of ex-Servicemen, so he ordered nine million poppies which were sold on 11th November 1921. The British Legion’s Poppy Appeal was born!


For the last 100 years the British Legion has continued its legacy to ensure all active and retired members of the Armed Forces can live dignified and full lives through the charities ongoing welfare and campaigning work, whilst remembering those who have given their lives for the freedoms we enjoy today.

 For these reasons the Poppy holds a great deal of emotion, a quintessentially British gesture, a pure and quiet token for the appreciation and sacrifice of others.

- by Archie Haig -

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