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Extras to make your junk trip special

Do you want to ride a banana boat or surf some wakes between your meals?

Ask us and we can arrange the speedboat to meet your junk for some extra fun and thrill.

Or do you simply wanna party on the boat and don't have to worry about the playlist?

Our resident DJ Gruv will ensure the party never stops.

Please note that all extras are subject to availability and need a minimum of 3 weeks notice before your sailing.

Private DJ on board

We believe no party is a party without good music.

No idea where to find good DJs with good equipment?

No worries, we have everything sorted for you.

DJ for Day Junk:      HK$6,500

DJ for Night Junk:  HK$ 5,500

*including full DJ set with extra speakers

People ride on banana boat. Bright blue sea and clear sky. Hong Kong Junk

Wakeboarding: HK$5,300-5,800 (for 4 hours)

Banana Boat:  HK$5,300-5,800 (for 4 hours)

Trampoline:  HK$450 (whole day)

 *  subject to availability

** minimum 3 weeks notice before your sailing

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