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Our beautiful traditional wooden teak junk boats are the best way to enjoy the Hong Kong waters. Book your fully catered party-junk package now with us.

Using our online booking platform you can check on which dates we still have junk boats available for hire and if you have any further questions our Charter Junks Hong Kong crew is happy to answer them all. Simply contact us and discuss the options how to create your junk boat hire with us an unforgettable one.


We offer day and night sailings for both our junk boats and you can book our boats either with an all inclusive catering package or junk boat hire only. For the boat rental deals you can add on food or drinks packages to make your junk party complete. Furthermore you can also book a DJ to entertain your guest on boars of our party boats and for the sporty ones we can even arrange wakeboarding for you. So you can burn off some energy on the water while circling our junk boat and impressing your friends with your tricks while they enjoy another drink on deck of the boat.

Book your junk boat now and enjoy a day in the sun while lounging on deck of our boat. 

We offer several pick up locations where you can board our boats at your convenience. You can get on board in their home harbour at Aberdeen, we can pick you up in Central Public Pier 9 or 10, you can also board at Causeway Bay or on the other side of the Victoria Harbour in Tsim Sha Tsui. On top of that we also can pick you up at Discovery Bay.

You can then choose your destination for the junk and enjoy your day or night on deck.

There is plenty of space to chill on the junk boat. Highlights are the benches on front of the boat so you can enjoy the wind and having an unblocked view over the skyline of Hong Kong or the beautiful nature coastline when cruising towards Clearwater Bay or around Lantau Island. Enjoy your food and drinks while leaning back and relaxing through the day on your junk boat.

Our crew will make sure your have nothing to worry about while you are on board of our boat.

One of the all time highlights is always returning into Victoria Harbour together with all the other party junks forming a flotilla sailing into the sunset with the Hong Kong skyline as a backdrop.


Alternatively you can also get on board with the sunset and enjoy a night junk boat trip. You can simply lean back on board of our junk boat and appreciate the changing scenery when the Hong Kong skyline changes from day to night. All the lights and reflections on the water make this a very special moment best seen from the top deck of the junk boat.

Or how about taking a junk boat sailing to Lama Island for a traditional seafood dinner and then returning conveniently on board of our junk boat back into the fragrant harbour of Hong Kong. 

Either way Charter Junks Hong Kong Junks Island Junks Yachting Sailing Boat Rental will make sure you have a party junk boat trip to remember. Go to the junk boat booking page now, select your type of sailing, day junk or night junk, select which one of our beautiful traditional teak wood junks you would like to take out for a spin and then you can see which dates are available for your selected junk boat trip. You can then select your food and drinks junk boat catering options and secure your booking directly with an online payment via credit card. Alternatively we will also hold your junk trip booking for 24hrs without any deposit needed.

Our Charter Junks HK Crew will contact you to discuss further details about your party junk booking and make sure you and your guest will enjoy the day or night on board with us in Hongkong.

LOOKING FOR GOOD OL’ FASHIONED JUNK FUN: Charter Junks Hong Kong Junks has you covered!


The go-to choice for leaving parties, birthday parties, anniversaries, or just a great day out with your mates; we’ve room for 30 people, crowd-pleasing food and drink options and even an option to evade your friends’ terrible playlist by hiring our DJ - and we’re proudly plastic free!


With 2 boats for charter up to 30 people each you’ll find whatever you’re looking for at Charter Junks Hong Kong Junk. Choose a boat only, package or tailor your own event.



Your wedding reception venue is probably the most important choice you need to make for your special day. Your perfect weddings party can become a reality on one of our unique wedding or reception boats.



A corporate yacht charter offers a fantastic platform to impress potential clients, boost morale of employees and implement team building exercises in unique and memorable settings. 

Why Book With Us?

  • We're not generic, we tailor your boat charter to your needs

  • We're green and work very hard to keep our oceans clean

  • We own junk boats, we understand boating events and we are not just an agent


At Charter Junks Hong Kong Island Junks we know that by far the best way to see Hong Kong is from the sea. Prefer lounging against a beanbag on a sundeck to a few hours crammed in a bus seat? We certainly do. Our cruises are the ultimate in relaxed sightseeing with our friendly crew on hand.


Lamma, Lantau, Peng Chau, Cheung Chau, Po Toi Island, the Nine Pins, Clearwater Bay, Sai Kung and surrounds, including Long Ke and Tai Long Wan. Flexibility is what we are all about. Just let us know the destination and, if it’s possible, we’ll take you there.


Charter Junks Hong Kong Island Junks currently offer two boats: Our beautiful Chinese teak junks Kitty and Poppy. Our boats are each licensed for up to 30 passengers.


Fully comprehensive packages inclusive of all food and drinks for the ultimate party but are also more than happy to tailor the charter to the needs of the group. Prefer to bring your own food or drink? No problem.


Looking to host that real standout BIG party? Look no further. We can raft together both our junk boats –  with combined capacity for up to 60 party people!


We offer catering for all occasions and are more than happy to tailor a menu to your particular needs or you can use our facilities on board to create your own feast.

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