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Junk Boats

More About Our Junk Boats

If you’re looking for fun junk boat rentals, look no further than Charter Junks HK! Our junk boats offer a variety of perks to make your adventure memorable and fun. Whichever of our junk boats you choose, you’re sure to have an amazing time as you explore, mingle, and relax. Choose between two of our boats when booking your junk boat rentals, whether you select Kitty or Poppy, we guarantee you’ll have an amazing time. Both of our junk boats have a maximum capacity of 30 passengers, so it’s perfect for parties and more. Kitty and Poppy both feature a high-quality sound system with Bluetooth so you can dance the night away. There are loudspeakers throughout the entire boat, and comfy bean bags are on deck, so you can kick back and relax. We also provide pool noodles, floating hammocks, a floating mat, and beer pong! If you’re feeling adventurous, we also offer stand-up paddleboards and paddles, so you can head out and explore. We offer kid’s life jackets and drinking water for all passengers, as well as a cooler box with ice to keep your drinks cool.

Our junk boats include a kitchenette with an oven in case you want to prepare your own meals. Kitty has two ovens, and poppy has one. Both junk boats also include a cooler box to help keep food and drinks nice and cold. We provide you with reusable plates, glasses, and cutlery if you’d like to host a fun lunch or a dinner party. Whatever reason you want to use our junk boat rentals, we guarantee that a great time will be had by all. As for extras, be sure to ask us about our wakeboarding options. We also offer a day and night DJ if you want someone to pump up the jams and entertain your guests. Visit our website and contact us today to book your junk boat!

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